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Old Fashioned Rum Punch

This Old Fashioned Rum Punch recipe is perfect in its simplicity. My grandmother uses this recipe. Each island having its own variations. Some ways to spruce up the punch can be found by adding freshly ground nutmeg and/or bitters. Garnish with slice of lime and serve.

When people ask us about the recipe, we use the phrase that is common in the islands. We say:

  • 1 of Sour

  • 2 of Sweet

  • 3 of Strong

  • 4 of Weak

Measures to Make Approximately 2 Liters...

  • 1 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice (Sour)

  • 2 cups of white or natural sugar (Sweet)

  • 3 cups of rum (Hard... We use Antigua's Cavalier Rum, but you can substitute Mt. Gay Rum)

  • 4 cups of water (Weak)


  1. Select the measurement that you are going to use. We use cups here.

  2. If you use cups, then get a large pitcher pour and mix accordingly.

  3. Add ice to your glass, add the punch and a garnish (if you wish), and serve

Please let us know how you like my Old Fashioned Rum Punch recipe via our Contact Us page, our Facebook Page, or Instagram.


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