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Plantains Wrapped in Bacon

I have used this Plantains Wrapped in Bacon recipe in my classes for many years because plantains are a big part of our island diet.

In the islands we eat plantains in a bunch of different ways… fried for breakfast… as a base for an appetizer like this recipe… and even as a dessert.

As a close relative of the banana, plantains have excellent nutritional value with GI carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and vitamins and minerals. The nutritional value of plantain is even greater than that of its closest relation banana. When cooked, it is very low in fat and cholesterol and high in fibre and starch.


  • 4 Ripe plantains

  • 1 Lb of bacon

  • Tooth picks


01Preheat the oven to 350 F.

02Make sure you select ripe plantains for this recipe. Plantains are ripe when their skins are mostly black and they feel soft. When they are ripe and black, they are sweet. When they are green or yellow, they are hard and very starchy. You don’t want starchy.

03Peel the plantains and cut them into 1 inch thick chunks. Cut the bacon slices in half. Wrap each chunk of plantain with a piece of bacon and secure the bacon with a toothpick.

04Place the plantain pieces on a baking sheet and roast in a preheated oven for 40 minutes. The bacon should be crisp and the plantain soft and golden.


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