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Avocado Shrimp Burger

Notes: This Avocado Shrimp Burger recipe was selected by our Nicole’s Table Facebook followers in May 2018. I obtained the original recipe from Will Cook for Smiles. The original recipe was good, but I changed it to suit my tastes. I replaced the cayenne pepper with Cajun seasoning because I love the flavor of blackened shrimp. You can also try Old Bay seasoning if you like Maryland style steamed shrimp or crab cakes. As well, I increased the shrimp to a pound and removed the cumin and chili pepper from the avocado recipe and added cilantro and garlic. Happy cooking!

The Shrimp Patties (Burgers)...

  • 16 Oz. raw shrimp

  • ½ Medium yellow onion

  • 2 Celery ribs sticks

  • 1 Green onion stalk

  • 1 Small red bell pepper

  • 3 Lg. garlic cloves

  • ¼ Cup cilantro leaves not packed

  • Juice from ½ lemon

  • Zest from ¼ lemon

  • 1 Egg

  • 2 Tbsp. mayo

  • 1/3 Cup plain bread crumbs

  • 1 Tsp. Cajun seasoning (you can use Old Bay as well)

  • Salt

  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil for cooking

Pulse half of shrimp (8 oz.) in a food processor until very finely chopped. Scrape it out into a mixing bowl.

Add yellow onion, celery, garlic, bell pepper, green onion, and cilantro to the food processor, you may have to chop them into big chunks to fit better, and pulse a few times until diced. Scrape veggies into the same mixing bowl.

Add remaining shrimp, lemon juice and lemon zest to the food processor and pulse a few times to chop. Scrape it out into the bowl.

Add egg, mayo, bread crumbs, salt, and Cajun seasoning to the mixing bowl. Mix everything well until all ingredients are evenly incorporated.

Preheat a large cooking pan over medium heat and add some veggie oil.

Form burger patties that are about 4 inches in diameter and ½ inch thick. You will end up with 4-5 patties. Let site for 1/2 hour in the refrigerator.

Cook shrimp burger patties for 7-10 minutes on each side, until all done and firm to the touch.

Building the Burger...

  • Burger buns

  • 2-3 Tomato slices per 1 burger

  • ½ Avocado per 1 burger

  • 1 Clove of garlic, minced

  • 1 Handful of cilantro

Smash the avocado in a small bowl with a fork. Add little bit of lemon juice and minced garlic. Mix well and salt and pepper to taste. (Increase amount of avocado and spices in accordance to however many burgers you are preparing.)

Build cooked shrimp burgers with some tomatoes on the bottom and a hearty dollop of smashed avocado on top.

*Shrimp burger patties can be stored in the refrigerator, in an air-tight container. You can easily reheat them for a couple of minutes in a pre-heated cooking pan over medium heat. I do not recommend using a microwave to reheat them.

Serves 5-6 depending on serving size.

Please let me know how you like this Avocado Shrimp Burger recipe via our Contact Us page, our Facebook Page, or Instagram.


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