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The Travel Project

Charlie and Jess walked away from their regular jobs a few years ago and now run The Travel Project which has them travelling around the world to “inspire inquisitive, adventurous travellers to leave their comfort zone and discover more of the world”.

Jess and Charlie visited us on 4 July 2019 for an All about Jerk cooking class. It was a small class with just one other couple. The day was relaxing and a lot of fun with jokes, good food camaraderie, and easy conversation. The travel project for Jess and Charlie was learning how to cook Caribbean style and learn a bit about Caribbean life.

The blog post invites visitors to experience 10 different things on Antigua. We are #9 out of 10 on their list so we are taking this to mean that on a scale of 1 – 10, we did well. 😉 According to the post, they “were genuinely astonished by just how easy it was to create such a delicious set of flavours”. Good. That’s how we want everyone to feel!

Alas, this site is no longer available, but we hope that they are well and still enjoying their travels.

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